Welcome to my little corner of the (web) world!

I'm Alison Green, I'm an Art Director, Designer & Creative Person.


I've been imaginative & artistic since I was little.

My dad is an amazing artist and he started teaching me as soon as I could draw. Initially, I was convinced I would be a performer. I was a member of the Young People’s Theater in St. Louis starting when I was 8-years-old. I performed in several plays and musicals. My favorite role was when I was Clocksworth in Beauty and the Beast. But in any role I was in, I would focus on the backstory and getting into the mindset of my character. It's something I do today - but in advertising. Over the years, I've realized how much I would rather be behind the scenes rather than have a spotlight on me. Performing as a child has come in handy in my career. I'm comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people.


What I am..

I'm an empathetic person, which I believe has paved a way for me to be successful as an artist and an Art Director.

I’m the only creative in my local office. I have a team of 11 Account Executives relying on me for design work, art direction for agencies, client meetings, taking glamour shots of various media locations, and so on. 

I’m part of a creative hub for our national team and we collaborate often. So, in that way, I’m not always doing work on my own. I like to have a little bit of both working situations.  

I'm able to juggle multiple jobs under fast turnarounds. And I know how to do my work independently. 

I am adaptable. I graduated from art school in 2007 and at the time, they taught us Quark. QUARK!!! And the only animation I learned was FLASH ANIMATION!! Gosh, I sound old. My point is that I've spent the past 15 years learning new programs & staying up to date with previous programs, and adapting to each iteration. I learn something new every single day and I love it.

I'm Tech obsessed. Any new technology or gadget that comes out, I have to learn about it or have it. I've had a DJI mini drone for a couple of years now. I'm into Virtual and Augmented Reality, and I have an Oculus Quest 2 that I regularly use. I admit that I have pretty much everything Apple has put out there. 

What I'm not..

I'm not afraid to speak in front of huge groups of people or explain the rationale for my design decisions. I've led national calls with hundreds of employees attending.

I'm not a micromanager. Everyone works differently and needs to do things in their way, depending on the project. Sometimes, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation. Other times, it’s someone who needs a little guidance.

I'm not a 9-5 person. Sure, I technically work from 9-5 and get a lot accomplished. But sometimes my best ideas happen while I take my dog out on a walk at 7:30 on a Sunday evening while watching the sunset. Or when I wake up in the middle of the night to sketch out an idea, then have to decipher the chicken scratch in the morning.

I'm not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to advertising. The best advertisements make people feel something. Sometimes it's uncomfortable. But that's what makes it memorable and effective.


Bailey Boo Green, Cutest Dog Ever*

Bailey's official endorsement:

"My hooman is great. She takes me on walks so I can sniff. Sniffing is my favorite! Oh, is that a squirrel?"

*Scientifically based by looking at every dog meme.

Totally important random facts about Bailey's hooman

Favorite Color: C77 M25 Y0 K0
Most Used Font: Gotham
Currently Listening To: True Crime Obsessed
Role Model: My Parents
Funniest Comedian: Tig Notaro
Favorite Drink: Blue Kona Big Wave
Guilty Pleasure Music: Madonna
Hidden Talent: Words With Friends
Currently Watching: Yellowjackets

Well if you've gotten this far, I'm guessing you can pick up that I'm a little quirky. I'm not a straight-laced, cookie cutter designer and I never* will be.


But if you're looking for someone who is constantly learning, always wanting to push the envelope, is fiercely passionate, and is generally a fun person to be around, here I am!

During the lockdown of COVID, I've had a lot of time to reflect on my life and my career. I realized how much I want need to break away from my hometown. I want to push myself forward. I want a job that feels like family. I want to live in a city that I love. I want to do something that fulfills and challenges me every day.
I've been incredibly fortunate enough to design for some major companies. But I want to make bigger impact and voice in the world. And the truth of the matter is, I live in a smaller city, and my options are to expand are limited. I have the skills, I'm only lacking the opportunity.

*Unless you're reading this, Grandma. If so, I hope you're enjoying your unique "Live, Laugh, Love" decal I made you for Christmas!


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