Fireball & Cardinal's Outdoor & AR Campaign

Augmented Reality is fairly new to the Outdoor advertising world, in terms of our capabilities. All the creative leaders at my company met with Balti Virtual, a company that takes VR and AR ideas and makes them work IRL. Being inspired, I came up with a campaign idea to utilize AR in the St. Louis market. Pending for 2022.

The Concept

Fireball, St. Louis Cardinals, & Paddy O's Bar will all join forces to make an Augmented Reality Game as a campaign to gain recognition and promotions during baseball season.



Paddy O's is a bar directly next to Busch Stadium. My company rents their building's wall as advertising space, being that it's close to foot traffic during baseball season. Fireball frequently advertises on this space. That's where the campaign would begin.

In this reality game, the player will be up to bat on the field in Busch Stadium through their smart phone. The pitcher will be an animated version of the Fireball Mascot, throwing fireballs instead of baseballs. He throws a varity of pitches to make the game more of a challenge. The player uses their screen to tap and extend the bat towards the ball.


The goal of the game is for the player to score 20 points or homeruns. Upon reaching that goal, the player (if above 21) will get a voucher for a $1 fireball shot at Paddy O’s, the bar directly behind Busch Stadium. Pricing and stipulations will vary. Locations of billboards and bar participation will vary as this campaign expands.

When a player turns the camera around to their face, it will prompt them to open their mouth. When they do, fire will come out with the Fireball Logo. They will be asked to share these videos and pictures on social media with the hashtag chosen, TBD.

Player can point around different areas of the Virtual Reality Stadium and click on MLB stats, game times, scores, websites.


In addition to the outdoor campaign, there will be mobile ads targeted at the suggested demographics to participate in the game. The marketing team will put together a team to spread the world out on social media.

Next, the campaign will start rolling out in other major cities.


I jotted this sketch chicken scratch in the middle of the night so I wouldn't forget. It ended up making sense! 

This campaign was set to start in spring of 2021, but do to Covid-19, it's on hold until 2022.

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