Popsicle Tease & Reveal

A day-long stunt pulled by Popsicle, working with both social media and OOH

client: unilever
National creative director: Eddy herty
creative director: Drew bolen
My role: art director, designer

Atlanta's operations team would create an actual ice block shaped like a popsicle. Then they would lift it onto the catwalk of the billboard, mounting and securing it. The end of the stick will tease the audience to peak interest in what will happen next.


On social media, people would be encouraged to participate. Whomever figures out the promo code in the reveal first will win a prize, such as a Popsicle Hoodie with Yeti lined pockets.


As the day goes on, the popsicle will start to melt and eventually reveal a code. The winner will be announced on social media.


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