St. Louis College of Health Careers

I Heart Campaign

(Scheduled to begin Summer '22) 

Client's Request

"We need to be the best of the best, would like to be bolder, and skew younger. The focus on these should be that they have been around for 40 years. The demo they are trying to reach is female 25- 35 that may be already attending a community college but wants to take a different direction with their career. Additonally we want a WOW factor.  Neon lights, 3D, whatever attracts attention."

Rationale & Campaign Pitch

Most companies take the safe route by posting standard advertisements. St. Louis College of Health Careers is different. The best way to be noticed with out of home advertising is to go big, be unique and standout amongst the typical billboard ads. The added bonus is that we aren’t in a market that goes beyond a typical billboard ad very often, making St. Louis College of Health Careers in a great position to be that advertiser.

 Attached are a few examples of ways to not only make you stand out in the St. Louis market, but be beyond what we have done for other advertisers.

This will be a 3 part campaign approach spanning over Q2 in 2022.

Part 1: Brand Awareness with Neon Rope Lighting

Illuminate your billboard at night with neon rope lighting. This is a unique billboard that can be utilized for longterm use. St. Louis College of Health Careers will become synonymous with this billboard & the neon signage on your building.

Part 2: I Heart Campaign with Inflatable Hands

St. Louis College of Health Careers

The heart gesture symbolizes love without having to use any words. This billboard design would have an 3D inflatable prop for the hands. 

What is a 3D inflatable?

We would take the glove portions of the hands and make large-scale, 3D build outs. It can also be illuminated inside the inflatable. Examples below.


Part 3: Digital Billboards, Mobile Ads, & Social Media

The purpose of this campaign is to find potential students who want to love their job & why they would if they switched careers. Adding the social element would get audiences engaging. Former students could be quoted as to why they HEART their jobs, on social media and on digital billboards.


One benefit of having creative displayed on our digital units is the ability to break up the messaging across multiple flips. A flip is a piece of creative that is displayed during your ad spot on a digital billboard. Generally, we recommend 3-4 flips that alternate each time your ad appears. Each flip could feature someone new.

Additionally, mobile advertisements can geotag potential clients. 

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